27 February, 2021

Delhi Diary

I am not a diehard Modi supporter yet. Nor am I a fan. What I am presently doing is watching...

Delhi Diary

Yours Brickbattered

I’m not unused to being trashed. But even by my standards, I am taking a real pasting on the social media and the Letters pages of Outlook. It seems I have not merely sold myself, I have sold myself short. Turncoats, my critics say, do these things, but I’m a particularly shameless turncoat, a “crook for sale”. Since my attitude to criticism is Voltairean and since I have a thick skin, I accept the brickbats. However, I feel I should point out that for the best part of five months—starting late December 2013—I have been pleading in favour of Modi arguing he be given the ‘chance’ he so ardently asks for. Judge him by the present and future rather than his past—that has been my refrain.

Which does not make me an admirer of Mr Modi. Call me what you will, I am happy to admit that...

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