03 August, 2021

Delhi Diary

It’s not the gap between bat and pad or the slow reflexes or old age catching up with Sachin, it is the new hairstyle

Delhi Diary

The House Of Lards

Not since 1653 when Oliver Cromwell disturbed the House of Commons by sacking parliament with the plaintive cry, “In the name of God, go,” has there been an adjournment or suspension of the UK parliament. Since most of our democratic practices and institutions are based on the British model, this smooth running of the mother of all parliaments stands in direct contrast to the mayhem and vandalism seen here. There is no shortage of heated debates in the Commons, much shouting, even some booing, but no member of parliament leaves his seat, much less enter the well of the House and challenge the Speaker. In the early ’60s, the leader of the opposition, Harold Wilson, threw a box of matches at prime minister Alec Douglas-Home to help him do his sums in a debate on the economy. That’s about it.

The free-for-all which goes on in...

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