23 June, 2021

Delhi Diary

I’d support any measure, including censorship, to stop platforms like Facebook and Twitter from being used to spread terror

Delhi Diary

The Hills Run Red

The despicable hounding of our fellow-citizens from the Northeast is heart-wrenching. They have given us so much (a bronze from Mary Kom, most recently) and we’ve returned their favour with abuse and apathy. And now threat to life. A decade ago, youth from Assam and Manipur came to the metros in search of a living, bringing with them grace, civility, elegance, courtesy besides reminding us of the fabulous diversity of our country. They have had enormous difficulty adjusting as rapacious landlords and lecherous louts harassed them. Of late, though, they seemed to be settling down. And then this barbarism. While we may console ourselves that the horror comes from across the border, some of it is surely indigenous. Along with the foreign hand exists a local finger helping spread the poison. Our brothers and sisters from the Northeast deserve...

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