01 December, 2020

Delhi Diary

Lalit Modi is now toast. As he twists and turns, I hope he sings like a canary. For once in this country, let us catch the real crooks.

Delhi Diary

Tharoor vs Tharoor

The life and times of Shashi Tharoor resemble a morality tale. Here is a man who begins life with an extra-long silver spoon in his mouth. Clever, even brilliant, awesomely well-educated, lucky enough to land one of the most coveted jobs on the planet, author of several critically acclaimed books, he comes within a whisker of being elected Secretary General of the UN, manages to win a Lok Sabha seat, becomes a minister in the privileged foreign affairs ministry—and then throws it all away. Why? Is this man carrying an irresistible death wish? Or is he just a flawed hero of Shakespearean proportions? According to me, the above discussion is infinitely more interesting than whether he is a gentleman crook.

Mr Tharoor’s CV suggests that from an early age he was seen as the boy genius—a faculty he knew he possessed, relished and was keen to advertise. His...



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