02 October, 2020

Defending Baghdad

Defending Baghdad
Iraq's largest city with a population of nearly four million is the nerve centre of Saddam Hussein's regime and home to government ministries. Iraqis have put teir best defence in and around Bagdad. Might of the allied forces will be tested within a 60-80 km radius.

Land Defence

Sand Rampants : Will force tanks to expose vulnerable underside as they go over them

Barbed Wires : Will impede the escape of any tank crew forced to abandon their vehicle

Fences : Some electrified, erected on the approaches to the city. It will slow down infantry movement.

Tanks : Iraqi tanks and artillery dug into raised positions with fortified revetments

Minefields : The area around Baghdad is carpeted with anti-tank and anti-personnel mines

Smokescreen: Trenches filled with oil. When ignited, it will interfere with aircraft targeting Iraqi positions -- especially the USAF A-10 'Tankbuster' which needs a clear line of sight.



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