17 June, 2021

Defeat In Victory

Deuba scrapes through the second no-confidence vote in a year

Defeat In Victory

ON December 24, Nepal's beleaguered Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba survived the second vote of no-confidence in a year. But this time around, the Nepali Congress leader's democratic credentials are being questioned: the Opposition has accused his 15-month-old government of doling out huge amounts of money to members of Parliament to keep them away on voting day. Some MPs were reportedly packed off to foreign countries as a safety measure lest they changed their minds and voted against the government.

The no-confidence motion fell just two votes short of the 103-mark required to pull down the government. Buoyed by the victory, however thin, the prime minister told newspersons the country had staved off another mid-term election—the second one in as many years. But analysts and Opposition claim the win was a sham and that the possibility of another snap poll still looms large.

They allege that despite all the dirty tricks the government resorted to, Deuba managed an unimpressive 84 votes in the 205-member House of...

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