12 April, 2021

Deepfreeze Nritya

An informative but outdated culture tour of a living dance form

Deepfreeze Nritya
A very glossy second edition, Bharatanatyam, unfortunately, does not reveal significant signs of growth or movement in this dance-art over the last decade-and-a-half; only a very cosmetic facelift!

My major grouse with this book, which to my mind is inexcusable, is the absence of any new article. Not only has a lot transpired in the world of Bharatanatyam in the last decade-and-a-half, but very important revised historical perspectives have also emerged which cannot be put on hold. Documentation of Bharatanatyam is not about collecting the most recent and glamorous photos of dancers, but also about how they position themselves vis-a-vis their art, and more so how they interpret it.

Sunil Kothari has been an active participant and organiser of seminars and conferences devoted to the problematics of representation, construction and cosmeticisation of Bharatanatyam. And given this, the choice of bringing out a...

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