16 June, 2021

‘Deepfakes’ With Artificial Intelligence

The latest tool of faking is too realistic and scary

‘Deepfakes’ With Artificial Intelligence

“Because what you guys are doing right now in Belgium is act­ually worse. You agreed, but you are not taking any measures. Only blablabla. Bingbangboom.” This quote is from a video of US President Donald Trump berating Belgium before threa­tening to pull out of the Paris climate acc­ord, something he eventually did. However, the video, created by the soci­alist Flemish party in Belgium, was later found to be fake, and so was the quote.

It is being touted as the latest technique in misinformation, with The Washington Post reporting this week that Russia is now looking to threaten democratic processes in the US through ‘deepfakes’.

Deepfakes are videos generated through an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm which make them look unquestionably real, especially when created with a specific purpose. They surfaced first in pornography when a user on Reddit created videos where actors like Gal Gadot and Emma Watson were shown performing sexual acts. The videos were outed as fakes and have been banned by Twitter, Vimeo...

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