29 July, 2021

Deepa Mehta

On her yet-untitled Hollywood project and the new version of Bimal Mitra’s Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam

Deepa Mehta
What is the new project you've launched?
I am discussing two films: one of them is for Hollywood. I've already finalised my cast for it.

And who are they?
Kareena Kapoor opposite Rahul Khanna.

But why Kareena?
She's gorgeous. Her face is like a shimmering river of emotions. She does exudes tremendous star power.

And Rahul?
He has got the right attitude and an unlimited range. I wanted a romantic hero with an international appeal since the film, in Hindi and English, will primarily be for an international market.

When do you begin shooting for the film?
We are planning to shoot in one go from October-end to December.

How do you realign your vision from Hollywood to Bollywood?
I see it as an advantage that I can walk into one world from another. I really enjoy the challenge of walking through doors into dark corridors.

Working with Kareena will be different.
I will cast her in a unique role that will use her ethereal personality to the maximum. She has an inherent...

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