16 May, 2021

Deep In The Miasma

A monsoon that refuses to go away breeds a panoply of diseases

Sanjay Rawat
Deep In The Miasma

The nation, it seems, is in the sickroom this monsoon. Hospitals in Delhi are overcrowded with dengue cases, running into a few thousands, and last week, more than 75 cases were detected on a single day. Outbreaks of chikungunya have been declared over the last two months in as many as 14 states. Doctors in Mumbai are worrying over a major malaria epidemic. Cholera is rampant in Orissa, conjunctivitis in Pune and many other cities and towns, meningitis in the northeastern states, viral fevers almost everywhere. The swine flu virus is very much active and spreading in many regions. Stubborn infections aren’t responding to whole arsenals of antibiotics. Mystery fevers are leaving medics baffled in Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. Illness figures from across the country are alarming. If you haven’t had to visit a doctor, be thankful—though you aren’t yet fully past the minefield of bugs.

Medical experts say two factors have contributed to a worse situation than what is usual every monsoon: first, almost all diseases are...

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