23 April, 2021

Decline Of The Maratha Empire

The Marathas’ century in the sun ended in a series of defeats at the hands of the British

Decline Of The Maratha Empire

1. Following the death of Aurangzeb (1707), the Mughal empire declines. In the absence of an assertive central power, ­regional ­powers like the Marathas, Sikhs and ­Rohilla Pathans expand. The Marathas prevail, gaining control of Delhi (the emperor being a nominal one).

2. Afghan raider Ahmed Shah Abdali attacks India. Acting on behalf of the Mughal emperor, the Maratha army, led by ­Sadashivrao Bhau, meets the Afghans and is defeated in the Third Battle of Panipat (1761): the first big dent on what was till now an expanding Maratha power. A vacuum awaits the British.

3. A new power was rising in the east. The British...

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