11 May, 2021

Deathly Altar Of Tatu Ajja

Was Basavaraja’s death plain murder or a gruesome enactment of a tantric ritual?

Nilotpal Baruah
Deathly Altar Of Tatu Ajja

Rite Across

  • In the last decade, instances of human or child sacrifice have been reported from the remote areas of Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh
  • Tantrik help is sought to correct perceived defects in a newly built house, to cure an ailment or nightmares, to get rid of ghosts and evil spirits, to propitiate gods, to gain power or disable opponents etc.
  • In Dec 2010, tantrik Kamalaksha Purusha sacrificed the 3-yr-old daughter of Bihari labourers who were tenants in his brother’s house in Yeyyadi, Mangalore, Karnataka.


On either side of the serpentine road leading to the village of Tirumaladevara Koppa, cotton shrubs stand on pitch dark soil. The bolls clouding up at the edge of the stalks appear almost ready for harvest. One wonders if it was cotton plucked from these fields in an earlier season that was found stuffed in the mouth of Basavaraja Kademani on that gory night after amavasya in November...

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