25 June, 2021

Death Of A Salesman

A saucy, sexually- liberated bride rocks her village

Death Of A Salesman
SRIKRISHNA Alanahally's GendethimmaRIKRISHNA , written a quarter- century ago, is an interesting addition the pus on rural life in Indian fictionto pio-cor-neered by people like Saratchandra Chatterjee, Premchand, Gopinath Mohanty, Thakazhi, Masti, Kalki and others. While it can't compare with Premchand's Godan , or Thakazhi's Kayar in its sociological and psychological perceptions, Gendethimma like its author's earlier novel Kadu , reveals considerable narrative skill and an eye for the fine details of rural life. One feels sorry that Alanahally with his evolving talent should have passed away before he could write a mature and complex narrative like, say, Samskara .

Salundi, the Carnatic village where the tragic tale of Gendethimma and Maranki unfolds, can be any village in India in the '30s or '40s despite the localising strategies so carefully employed by the author: the regional and the national flow into one another like in the best of Indian novels. The protagonist is a roving tradesman driven to seek a living by bartering wares for foodgrains in the...

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