29 July, 2021

Death By Dynasty

Why Rahul's case is qualitatively more subversive than, say, Chautala's

Death By Dynasty
At one level it can be argued that in a society where inheritance plays a large role, why should politics be an exception to the rule. After all, till very recently India was a rigid caste society where occupation and status were given at birth, so it is hardly surprising that when it comes to getting tickets for the elections, family connections are all-important. Though the Indian economy can no longer be said to run along caste lines, yet from business to the silver screen, there is a widespread tendency for children to inherit positions from their parents, or, even husbands.

I have heard senior politicians say that their offspring should not be placed at a disadvantage. If a doctor's child can be a doctor, a lawyer's son or daughter can be a lawyer, why, they argue, should eyebrows be raised when the progeny of politicians find refuge in politics? Indeed, this argument may have an authentic ring about it, but it is basically a hollow and disingenuous one for it does not pay attention to the...

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