24 January, 2021

Deaf Mute Blind

All the accused in the Jessica Lall killing are free. The public outcry has forced a reinvestigation. But will the witnesses speak out now? Updates

Deaf Mute Blind
"The middle class has been steadily fed with images of its importance in a rising India.... To be confronted (now) with the yawning gap between its claim to power and the reality of its powerlessness is a surefire recipe for release of pent-up rage."
Sudhir Kakar Author and Psychoanalyst

"Rang de Basanti captures ordinary people’s outrage at an inept polity, and the tremendous middle-class response to the Jessica case is part of that same spirit.If there’s no justice for Jessica, what hope is there for ordinary folk?"
Khushboo, Actress

"I heard a senior police officer was present at that party where Jessica Lall was killed and he did the disappearing trick. I hope this sends out a message to top cops in Mumbai who attend Page Three parties, filmi parties, builders’ parties."


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