14 May, 2021

Dead-End Streets In Old City

Sheikh may be extradited, but the Daniel Pearl case itself now looks like being dropped

Dead-End Streets In Old City
When Mariane Pearl took the flight out to New York last week, she ironically weakened the case against those accused of killing her husband, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Tired of waiting for her husband's body to be recovered, and publicly eschewing sentiments of vengeance and anger, Mariane seemed reconciled to the inability of the Pakistani authorities to hunt down those who had decapitated Pearl, much less gather information from them (or their cohorts) about where his body had been buried.

Mariane's departure, however, had other important legal implications. Since she is the main complainant in the case, and wouldn't in all probability be available to record her statement in the court, the case could well be declared closed. Says Khwaja Naveed, defence lawyer of accused Fahad Naseem, who allegedly sent e-mails containing pictures of Pearl in chains to newspapers worldwide: "Mariane is not likely to return to Pakistan to record her statement in the court and without her statement the case may not proceed." Khwaja also has other reasons to feel...

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