19 June, 2021

Dead City Tango

Kiran Bedi’s moral police leads a crackdown on city discos

Dead City Tango

Even as the world readies itself for wild millennium boogie-bashes, shaking a leg is unsettling Chandigarh. Or so thinks the city’s administration, which has ensured the party is well-nigh over for the four discotheques in Bhangraland’s headquarters. Because those who care for the occasional swingin’ evening now have to face zealous, not to say embarrassing, interrogation by policemen planted right at the entrance of these discos. Even at regular, hot afternoon hours or designated days when evening sessions must end strictly before the clock strikes 10.30 pm. Even if they are ‘couples’, only sipping fizzy waters and maybe a tandoori tikka thrown in for spice.

Playing party pooper-in-chief is Chandigarh’s newly-appointed police chief, Kiran Bedi. She’s far from apologetic about the surge of policing around the discos that she’s brought about: "I am not here to provide the city with a night life. I am here to police and I will do so if I see there’s a potential problem area anywhere." What’s more, a cid report has gone right ahead and suggested that the...

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