21 June, 2021

Day Of The Jackal

The Karunakaran-Antony spat might ruin the field for the UDF

Anil Manacaud
Day Of The Jackal
The Congress looks set to enter the May 10 assembly election virtually as two splinter parties sporting a common nomenclature and symbol. With senior leaders K. Karunakaran and A.K. Antony going public with their mutual animosity, faultlines within the party acquired a grim finality in the run-up to the poll. The crisis has spun out of control and the issue facing the Congress in the weeks ahead is not whether unity can be restored, but rather if the warring factions can agree to coexist peacefully and desist from undermining the United Democratic Front (udf) coalition. The coalition, until the latest eruption of hostilities between Karunakaran and Antony, seemed to have an edge over the incumbent Left Democratic Front (ldf) regime led by the cpi(m).

Karunakaran's climbdown after rallying his supporters for a full-scale insurrection against the party high command, though, did bring down temperatures and give peace a chance. But the genie is out of the bottle, and now policing the factional strife isn't going to be easy even for group leaders. Karunakaran is quick to confirm...

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