02 March, 2021

Daughter’s Passion

Chelsea is there for nearly every Indian do and Indian food, from Bombay Club, is her favourite.

Daughter’s Passion

She was just 15 when she accompanied mother Hillary to India. Now 20, Chelsea Victoria Clinton’s interest in India, particularly culinary, continues unabated.

That was also the first time the American media got a real close look at the first daughter, in a new place and on her own, almost. As she went around town, Chelsea got rave reviews from the media, which noted her "intelligence and compassion" (talking at length about the history of Islam and holding babies at Mother Teresa’s convent).

Her interest in India is perhaps influenced by her mother who makes no bones about her abiding fascination with the country. Books, videos and films on India have been delivered to the White House on a regular basis, particularly just before and after the 1995 visit. She’s there for nearly every Indian do in Washington (and elsewhere) and Indian food (usually from the Bombay Club, just across the road) is the White House favourite.

Chelsea was born on February 27, 1980, and named after Chelsea Morning, the 1969 Joni Mitchell song. She entered the White...

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