01 October, 2020

Dalits Targeted

Examine the external agents who are behind the violence

Dalits Targeted

The recent upsurge of Patels in Gujarat, Marathas in Maharshtra, Jats in the north, Vanniyars in Tamil Nadu, Kapus in Andhra Pradesh and several such intermediate social groups who claim to have been marginalised by the ruling dispensations is a phenomenon that needs to be put in proper perspective. Though some demands of the groups are aimed against Dalits and reservations, the internal spirit of the sporadic movements appears to be deep frustration of the above social classes with the present socio-economic and political process. Interestingly, most of them by and large come from middle clas­ses and castes. Some of our commentators know that there is internal differentiation among the groups and a creamy layer of their own kith and kin are benefited by caste politics using their caste clout in the post-Mandal formations through contracts and nominated posts.  Strangely, all the above mentioned groups were, in the past or the present, categorised as Other Backward Classes. Therefore, the victimhood felt by them is cleverly directed against Dalits or Muslims or some...



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