27 February, 2021

Dadri Is Forever?

A win will embolden Modi in his project of polarisation

Dadri Is Forever?

Last week, as the mood within the BJP turned from euphoric to sombre, a senior party leader explained the reason. “Nirash hai, naummeed naheen hain, (we’re disappointed, but not without hope),” he said. This ‘disappointment’ among people who voted for Narendra Modi in 2014 is the result of the widening gulf between his promises and their delivery. There is also dismay within the party at the demise of its hallmark collegiate style of functioning. Yet, despite the concentration of power in the party leadership,  and signs of it slipping, there is no talk of rebellion. Even the RSS appears to have put its entire weight behind the BJP’s Bihar campaign after its chief seemingly marred the party’s prospects by calling for a review of the reservation policy. The hope is to assist in stealing a win and force a share of the spoils.

So what would be Modi’s first step if he squeaks thr­ough? Would he alter his str­ategy, temper arrogance and become more inclusive or will he continue to pit one community against...

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