14 May, 2021

Cyclone Diary

"Error in tracking cyclones is decreasing. If we compare ourselves with other countries, I can say we are better than the Japanese in predicting cyclone paths," writes director of forecasting, IMD

Cyclone Diary
Sow the Whirlwind

You could say I learnt weather science in kindergarten. When a cyclone warning is missed, I know what that feels like. I’m from Orissa…I grew up with cyclones. Home was about five kilometres from the sea. When I was six, we faced a big one. This was 1971. I didn’t know what a cyclone was till then. One way of finding out was to see coconut trees getting uprooted in the wind. We lived in a mud house and my ­father was out—there was no toilet at home. In the fields, he saw a tidal wave coming in. He ran back to the house and asked us to rush up to the thatched second floor…the sea was on its way!

Editing: Rupesh Malviya

We stayed on the roof...

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