14 May, 2021


India has just discovered gold dust in the alleys of the Net and it is mighty excited about it. But it may not be thrills all the way.


MOST of them will fail. Most will see their dreams remain just that dreams. Most will have to one day come to terms with the fact that their ideas weren't good enough, their execution not swift enough, that somewhere along the way they took their eyes off the ball, that their destinies diverged quietly at some point from what they were supposed to be.

No matter. They will still remain the rollicking flag-bearers of a revolution that has already put India at the forefront of an epochal tidal wave transforming global business, economies, nations, life. A tidal wave of individual entrepreneurship and innovation, a tsunami of ideas. The Internet business.

Ask Ashok Jain, 42, who recently quit as ceo of Cadbury Schweppes after 19 years of impeccable corporate climbing, to get into the Net business.

Ask 35-year-old Subroto Bannerjee, who quit a job, stock options and 'lots of money' at Microsoft to e-venture out.

Ask T.S. Rajesh, 28, whose Gray Cell (www.graycell.com), set up in his parents' garage in...

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