27 July, 2021

Curves Of The Learning Dynamo

Stay alert and abreast of the changes in education and the reward will follow

Curves Of The Learning Dynamo

The Outlook-Drshti professional college rankings this year saw participation from 400 colleges and perceptual ratings from over 20,000 students, professors, recruiters and professionals. This is the highest level of participation for the ­perceptual study till date.

The 2018 rankings conclude with almost no significant changes in the top ranks. This shows a remarkable stability in the quality of top institutes. Over the past two years, I have bemoaned the lack of action from our premier institutions in terms of contributions to research, innovation and national development. But I have also observed an increasing drive for R&D among some of the institutions.

Last year, we had noted that multidisciplinary approaches and convergence will drive the ­future in education. While I still do not see signs of freewheeling multidisciplinary approaches, I can see that institutions are making a beginning.

Most of these changes are visible in top eng­ineering colleges and design schools. Social Work programmes in schools are also very dyn­amic,...

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