13 June, 2021

Crossing The Sonia Barrier

The Congress’ performance in the recent Rajya Sabha elections indicates the waning charm of the dynasty

Crossing The Sonia Barrier

Nehru's ‘trickle-down’ seems to have become passe in his own party. The first direct challenge to Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s writ from the party’s state units, rather than from the Congress Working Committee, indicates that the tide has turned and its now bottom-up. By voting against official party nominees, mlas from West Bengal, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh ensured a poor showing for the Congress in the Rajya Sabha elections last week.

Discontent in the party, palliated by the formation of a non-nda government in Bihar and the success of the anti-rss agitation, has surfaced again. Dissidents in the cwc last week met and began lobbying with Congressmen. "When we lost the Lok Sabha, we said we’d win Vidhan Sabha. When we lost Vidhan Sabha, we said we’d win Rajya Sabha. Now, there are no more sabhas left to lose," observed a senior Congress MP close to 10, Janpath.

For Sonia, West Bengal is the immediate problem. Summing up the sentiments of those who had charged 10, Janpath with high-handedness in the selection of Rajya Sabha...

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