27 February, 2021

Crosseyed Heart

Quite magically marries good old rock with soul, folk, blues and even reggae.

Crosseyed Heart

Keith Richards

At a time when so many music legends, from David Bowie to Glenn Frey, have left us in quick succession for what must be a pretty big party up in the sky, one has to admire Keith Richards’s staying power. The Rolling Stones guitarist and Mick Jagger’s right-hand man is the original wild boy of rock. He has battled and survived heroin and cocaine addictions; has been in a semi-conscious state for two years after hitting his head while jumping from a branch; and even snorted his father’s ashes. (Numerous alcohol-sodden stories of wild sex and brushes with the law are brilliantly documented in his autobiography, Life.)

Given that armies of baby-boomers are willing to pay over $1,000 a pop to see the best rock-and-roll band ever,...

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