31 October, 2020

Cross Bat Capers

Cricket on nandrolone. Even BCCI gets the rush.

Cross Bat Capers
Rules Of The Game
  • Each sides bats for 20 overs; the bowling side has to complete the overs in 75 minutes.
  • Each bowler is restricted to four overs.
  • Fielding restrictions in the first six overs: two fielders outside the 30-yard circle.
  • Fielding restrictions for overs 7-20: maximum five fielders allowed outside the circle.
  • A 'no-ball' is worth 2 runs, and the batsman gets a free hit after a no-ball. The fielding side is not allowed to change field positions for the free hit. And, the only way the batsman can get out on the free-hit ball is by way of a run out.
  • There are run penalties for each over which hasn't been bowled in the allocated time.
  • After the fall of a wicket, the next batsman has 90 seconds to get to the crease.
  • In the event of a tied match, the teams shall complete in a bowl-out (similar to a penalty shootout). A bowl-out may also be used in the final in the event of a 'no result' due to weather conditions.
  • In the bowl-out, the captain...


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