05 March, 2021

Cradling Hope

A lesbian couple decides to go for a baby

P Anil Kumar
Cradling Hope

Into The Open

  • Lesbian `marriages’ have been widely reported across India
  • Most such couples are from small towns, villages
  • Usually they are from lower-income groups
  • Most of them aren’t part of any gay movement
  • Last month, a Brahmin woman of Muzaffarnagar, UP, declared she would marry a lower-caste girl


As Swapna rummages through a file, searching for a medical report and a prescription, her ‘husband’ Chandraleela neatly plaits her hair. They are at their house in Ambaripeta village in Andhra Pradesh’s Karimnagar district. After a hurried breakfast of idlis, they’re off to catch a bus to Karimnagar. It’s an important day for the couple: they have an appointment with a gynaecologist who has agreed to help Swapna bear a child through artificial insemination.

This lesbian couple has been living together for three years and is now longing...

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