20 June, 2021

Crackers In The Wallet

The mood is upbeat this Diwali, a season of good cheer for traders

Illustration by Sorit
Crackers In The Wallet

I don’t think modern trade has seen a Diwali like this in a while. In India, even minor festivals have a strong consumption trigger built into them. Even before modern marketers came to make festivals events of consumption, there was a trend of buying during those days—clothes, food, gifting, for the home and for others. And this is exactly what marketers want people to do. When incomes are generally up and people are feeling visibly confident, festivals become the nice point where they want to graduate to the next level of consumption. The rate at which incomes are growing (I’m talking specifically of urban and large town India), this trend is bound to grow further.

Though we notice a general hesitation to upgrade to premium brands, the festivals provide an opportunity to consume and a cultural licence for hedonism—a means of freedom for people to buy, to upgrade. That’s when you buy things for the home and for others. Of course, this overall atmosphere of hedonism normally doesn’t go smoothly with...

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