13 June, 2021

Corona Ward Diary

Class 11 student Nishant Pradhan was hospitalised after he and his entire family tested positive for Covid. The stay was an eye-opener for him and his respect for the Covid Warriors has grown all the more.

Illustration by Saahil
Corona Ward Diary
Panic Button Off

This pandemic is easily the most haunting event of our times—singularly daunting as well as humbling that taught us to look at things in a new mirror, revise our perspective on and approach towards life, seek answers to questions that we never thought existed. I, barely a month shy of my 17th birthday as I write, had a close encounter with COVID-19. It was a Monday morning when I, along with my entire family, tested positive for Covid. I was asymptomatic and calm, full of thoughts but not a pinch of panic passed through my mind. A thought accompanied me all along the drive to hospital: “Why I’m not panicking”? Somewhere deep within me I had this intuition that this happened for a reason—to appreciate, respect and salute the selfless and tireless service of medical professionals, our brave Corona Warriors.

The Zen Calmness

The hospital staff received us with warmth; they put me and my...

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