06 March, 2021

‘Corona Hits Kerala Wall’

As Kerala braces for a coronavirus-free status, Health minister K.K. Shailaja claims the state's robust public health system helps contain disease outbreaks

‘Corona Hits Kerala Wall’

Nipah in 2018, coronavirus or COVID-19 now—Kerala has been setting an example of containing modern-day epidemics. As the state braces for a coronavirus-free status (two of its three positive cases have turned negative following quarantine/treatment), health minister K.K. Shailaja tells Preetha Nair that Kerala’s robust public health system helps contain disease outbreaks. Excerpts:

Two of the three medical students who tested positive have been discharged from hospitals. When can we expect the state to be declared coronavirus-free?

The two cases from Kasaragod and Alappuzha districts have been declared negative on repeat tests. The student from Thrissur, who was the first patient in India, is still in hospital. In her case, our tests showed negative, but we are waiting for the Pune-based National Institute of Virology’s report. We can declare the state COVID-free after the quarantine period is over. We will have to wait till March first week. I can say there is no further...

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