24 September, 2020

Cordon Bleu Crooks

Thousands walk into a web of deceit spun by a few bad men floating dotcons

Graphic by Anup Das
Cordon Bleu Crooks

The Slow Road To The Quick Buck - how dishonest Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies duped thousands:

  • A crooked company sets up sleek website promising untold wealth.

  • The dupe pays a hefty fee (Rs 16,000-25,000) to become member of the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme.

  • The dupe is told he has to do easy online work that can be done on any computer with a net connection. He will be paid for the work.

  • If the dupe recruits more members, he is to get a cut on their earnings too.

  • The dupe is shown calculations that prove that he will make millions in a matter of months.

  • The dupe works hard, get many members and make millions for the company in a matter months.

  • The dupe gets paid nothing. the company shuts down and vanishes with loot.     

Sometime in February last year, three Chandigarh-based...



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