10 May, 2021

Cops With An Aim

Bihar's top cops are giving up chasing gangsters, and are quitting the civil services to go after their passions

Cops With An Aim

What's up with Bihar's senior policemen? The state's top cops are finding fulfilment in a bizarre variety of ways—one runs a temple, another is planning to teach computers and English to underprivileged children and yet another coaches IIT aspirants. There's also a singer in the ranks, another is a Supreme Court lawyer.

They don't say whether the problem is political interference, overwhelming crime, or even lack of anything meaningful to do. Given all this, maybe it's not surprising that a senior police officer has actually gone and asked the state to officially declare him mad.

The elite Special Protection Group SPG still remembers Rituraj's sharp-shooting skills from his 1990-95 spell with them. Today, the DIG (BMP), Muzaffarpur, wants to take voluntary retirement as he and his computer-savvy south Indian wife want to open a full-time Rameshwari Memorial Trust in Bihar's Nalanda district. He plans to teach English to the poor and unemployed youth and make them...

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