17 April, 2021

Cope Thunder 2004: The Battle Plan

Cope Thunder 2004: The Battle Plan
Good guys are in blue, the Reds are the bad guys, ones in white are the neutral umpires on the ground.

A day before the mock fight, the Blues are given their action plan, bolstered by intelligence reports on the Reds.

Maps are pulled out, strategies worked out in a few hours. No clear idea on the kind of deployment the Reds will opt for.

After informing the Whites, the Blues take off. Battle goals: destroy tanks, bridges, airfields and missile systems.

Reds scramble their forces to defend their territory.

Dogfight begins: Each tries to kill the other by locking its aircraft radar on the enemy plane. This registers on the fire control system of the plane 'shot down.'

Who locks on first is recorded by the Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation. Pilots return to their respective bases. Winners and losers are logged.

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