24 July, 2021

Congress Of Discord

Despite Mbeki's attack, Indians have no choice other than the ANC

Congress Of Discord
What should have been a joyous celebration of the 140-year anniversary of the arrival of indentured Indians in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal (kzn) province was tinged with controversy when President Thabo Mbeki launched a scathing attack on the world's largest Indian population outside India. Accusing them of being apathetic, Mbeki criticised the Indian community for alienating itself from the African majority and supporting the Democratic Alliance, a newly-formed coalition of the former whites-only Democratic Party and the National Party. He also warned Indians to not complain about being left out of decision-making processes as long as they don't throw in their lot with the majority.

Mbeki's attack on the Indian population, a small but significant 13 per cent of the South African electorate, provoked a backlash that may have cost the ruling African National Congress (anc) a large chunk of the "Indian vote" in last Tuesday's local government elections. Fearing permanent estrangement, leading anc members desperately tried to smooth over the cracks. Said Valli Moosa, minister...

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