12 June, 2021

"Congress Has Become Isolated"

In a strong indictment of the Congress, Madhavrao Scindia lashes out against the party's inept functioning. Excerpts:

"Congress Has Become Isolated"

Do you ever see yourself returning to the Congress?

I have no problems with the Congress. A number of my friends are in the Congress. But I don't agree with their arbitrary manner of functioning. If I ever returned, I would return to the Congress of Indiraji or Rajivji.

What's different about these elections?

The whole style has changed because of Mr Seshan, changes of which I approve. There is direct contact, not too much razzmatazz, but group discussions. In any case, people are not enamoured of any political party. The image of the politician is at an all time low. This is a time of samudramanthan. Of a churning for the nectar. It is a transitional phase where people are searching for something new.

What is the need of the hour?

There are too many rigid lines emerging on the basis of caste or religion. Every party wants to win by appealing to...

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