06 March, 2021

‘Congress Forces Are Supporting AAP. But This Won’t Help It.’

The BJP's former national president on his party's prospects

Sanjay Rawat
‘Congress Forces Are Supporting AAP. But This Won’t Help It.’

Given the turbulence in the state unit, the BJP has put former national president Nitin Gadkari in charge of election work. Excerpts from an interview.

How do you view the Delhi elections?

These are the crucial semi-finals before next year’s Lok Sabha elections.

The BJP has been out of power for three terms. Will you be able to win this time?

With a strong base, there’s no reason we can’t win. In fact, we lost the last election by a narrow margin in terms of vote percentage. Now, there’s a strong anti-Congr­ess wave. We’ll win with a thumping majority.

Why do you think people will vote for you?

People are fed up with the Congress misrule, both at the Centre under UPA-I and UPA-II and in Delhi. Everywhere, the election will be fought on the issue of corruption, law & order, inflation, rising prices. The people of Delhi have chosen a two-party system of sorts: the only alternative to the Congress in Delhi is the...

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