02 August, 2021

Congress Edges BJP In Photofinish

It's looking more and more a two-horse race. An Outlook-Cfore survey shows that contrary to popular notions, the Congress could well emerge a length ahead. More Coverage

Congress Edges BJP In Photofinish
Key Findings

  • Polarisation on religious lines among Hindus— Dalits, adivasis and OBCs—has diffused.

  • Congress-AIRJP merger means seats lost in ’98 may come back to party.

  • Muslim turnout will be high, will vote Congress.

  • Saurashtra and Kutch BJP’s Waterloo?

  • Governance is very much an issue.

  • Middle class unhappy with BJP. Rising prices and spate of cooperative bank scams has hit hard.

    To be frank, I couldn’t believe the feedback from my researchers, that the Hindutva card was not working all that well for the BJP in Gujarat. Indeed, if one were to go by reports in a section of the media and the findings of an opinion poll by a reputed market research organisation, Narendra Modi was riding a strong Hindu wave to a landslide win. Also, one was told that religious sentiments would override other issues like governance and unemployment.

    So, when I landed at Ahmedabad’s Sardar Patel airport, I expected to see manifestations of the...

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