02 August, 2021

Confessions Of A Shakhahari

Raised on a diet of RSS pedagogy at a Shishu Mandir, the writer looks at what it means when Nagpur ‘takes the class’ of the govt

Mayur Bhatt
Confessions Of A Shakhahari

This year’s National Teachers Day has acquired an entirely new meaning. First, we saw everybody who is anybody in this government, with sarkari power to walk into a classroom, live out their ‘main bhi teacher’ fantasy. Cruel truth to tell, this is among our least academically accomplished cabinets ever. But they love to teach. And they  occasionally like to be taught—but only by their favourite teacher, the RSS, the guru of gurus. It was a fitting coincidence then that, at the same time, the Supreme Preceptor was also teaching­­—or rather, as we say in heartland metaphor, ‘taking the class’ of a government run by its shishyas. In full public view. It unleashed furious debates on RSS-BJP relations, on whether the RSS’s ‘moral’ authority over the BJP government overrides the Constitution. Sure enough, there are comparisons with Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Council (NAC).

This also makes for perfect timing for me to make a bel­ated admission, or rather, in today’s political...

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