01 August, 2021

Computers balance the comforting isolation of these Tamil schools

J.S. Adhikari
Computers balance the comforting isolation of these Tamil schools
Computer classes are something of an event at the Delhi Tamil Education Association’s Lodhi Road school. For most students here, the weekly classes are the surest way to "computerisation". Already a rage in schools better-heeled and therefore better-equipped to make monetary demands on parents, computer education has only recently become a priority here. For the DTEA students, the two-year-old classes are still small windows opening into an ever-expanding wired world.

Being government-aided schools, DTEA’s seven campuses across Delhi aren’t exactly bursting with funds—the kind extracted from parents by private schools under concocted pretexts like "school building funds", "school development funds" and the like. Computer classes here fulfil a more basic need, engineering social change and bringing economically disadvantaged children at par with the rest. Academically, the DTEA schools have always been among the few government-aided institutions in Delhi to produce excellent board results year after year.

The training and hardware, provided by Schoolnet India...

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