17 June, 2021

Common Minimum Revenge

With the Congress answering Soren with an Uma, democracy is in for a setback

Sandeep Adhwaryu
Common Minimum Revenge
When the BJP decided last month to use the infirmities of the Indian judicial system to hound the Jharkhand leader Shibu Soren out of office, it neither strengthened itself in Jharkhand nor weakened the UPA government in Delhi. Soren is somewhat of a cult figure in Jharkhand, so arresting him on a 29-year-old case related to his freedom-fighting days, in which his direct culpability is questionable, to say the least, is bound to raise his and his party’s stature in Jharkhand ahead of the assembly elections at the end of the year. So why then has the Congress so gratuitously squandered away the moral high ground that the BJP had gifted it with, by serving an arrest warrant on Uma Bharati, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh?

If the grounds on which the BJP used its government in Jharkhand to harass Soren were questionable, then those on which the Congress has unleashed Karnataka on Uma Bharati—that 10 years ago she defied prohibitory orders to raise an Indian flag at the Idgah grounds in Hubli—are laughable. Were every politician who has defied a prohibitory order to be...

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