20 January, 2021

Comme Ci, Comme Ca

To describe 2007 as a boring year would not be entirely inaccurate. May 2008 be a Modi-free year for you. Season’s greetings!

Comme Ci, Comme Ca
To describe 2007 as a boring year would not be entirely inaccurate. The country seemed to be on hold, in suspended animation. It didn’t move forward or backward, it sort of stayed still. Except for the stockmarket, which appeared to be on a perpetual roller-coaster ride, India remained on even keel. There wasn’t much good news, neither was there much bad news. The media, naturally, ensured that current events did not lack in drama or hype, but the "crisis" usually lasted no more than 24 hours, sometimes not even that.

Should we protest? Or should we be grateful for the relief from bogus controversies dressed up as momentous issues of the day? I believe that in the life of a vibrant democracy on the fast track, one must pray for occasional periods when there is a pause from the "progress", when a nation catches its breath, reflects on how fast it is going—and, most crucially, where it is going. It has been over 15 years since India opened up to the global winds of change, and embraced free market capitalism. I am not advocating we...



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