27 July, 2021

Letter From The Issue Editor

Letter From The Issue Editor

When we decided to work on this special issue, a collector’s one, some of the older colleagues remembered their childhoods. They were intrigued by a unque fact about hand-wash habits in their villages. Most kitchens, at least in middle-class homes, were flanked on two sides by an inside verrandah, and an outside space that had the well. If one entered it through either side, one involuntarily washed one’s hands and feet — either from the water from the well, or the water stored in a cemented tank in the inside verrandah.

It is a wonder that this habit vanished when we, or our parents, migrated to the towns and cities. We lived a better life, the household incomes were higher and, yet, we lost a crucial health habit. This became curiouser when we found that research shows that if a habit is cultivated at a young age, it lasts for a lifetime. So, what happened to us? Possibly, it was peer pressure, or the plesures of the urban spaces, where there was so much to do, so little time that one ejected a lot of habits that were simple and important, yet...

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August 02, 2021

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