19 October, 2020


The social, emotional, and psychological realities are vastly different for the upcoming mobile-only and mobile-mostly generation

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  • 36% of Indian mobile users will own a smart phone in 2022, up from 26% in 2018
  • 5 billion people possess a mobile worldwide; the figure in India is over a billion, and going up
  • 9.8 GB is the average data usage per smart phone in India; it will almost double to 18 GB by 2024, fuelled by video

No one can deny the benefits of the ongoing mobile revolution. With over one billion subscribers, and 80% active owners, the mobile phone has impacted the political, social and economic lives of Indians. No one has escaped the clutches of the mobile. As a service provider ad-line said, “Always with you”. For the mobile generation, the wireless device is, said a 2007 report by Aspen Institute, “not so much a phone as an ‘always on’ digital communicator”. One just cannot live without one.

Today, video calls organize religious rituals, texts run vending machines, and mobile apps help you watch music and movie videos, and book tickets for travel,...



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