22 June, 2021

Colaba Diary

It wasn’t a question of enduring the lockdown with Bombil Fry and Blueberry Shrikhand. Food became a way for a neighbourhood to commune, to win over collective estrangement.

Illustration by Saahil
Colaba Diary
Morning Ablutions

Remember when we were supposed to wake up and smell the coffee? These days I wake up, shuffle to the door, pick up my newspaper and switch on my phone. The coffee and chai are an afterthought. First, I check the bad news. After which I need something stronger than chai to regain my equilibrium. So, although it’s time to rouse my daughters, I make a quick detour through the cinnamon-scented world of Food Lovers Colaba. No matter how grim the headlines, it helps to know that somewhere someone is making Pistachio and Rose Cakes with glaze and Strawberry and Orange Sandesh Pies; Raan Biryanis and Bombil Fry. Before you start imagining that I’m a Sandesh-pie scarfing glutton, let me clarify. Although I’m a member of this foodie WhatsApp group, I’m more a window-shopper than a gobbler. As much as the menus and pictures of blueberry shrikhand, I enjoy the unexpected sense of community. Food Lovers Colaba was born in August,...

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