24 September, 2020

Close Calls Diary

Editor Ruben Banerjee's diary on how an opportunity to work with Outlook finally presented itself when he was least expecting it.

Close Calls Diary
Outlook, what?

The first time I heard the name of Outlook I almost yakked. What kind of name is that, I wondered. It was 1995 and a former colleague called to sound me out on whether I would be interested in a job with a new magazine. One of his senior editors came on the line and tried explaining the virtues of their new product. But I wasn’t too impressed. As a state correspondent of India Today, I had grown accustomed to the brand and the instant recognition that the top-selling magazine then commanded alongside the semblance of job security it guaranteed. The phone call did not stretch. I wasn’t too convinced that a periodical with a seemingly inconsequential name such as ‘outlook’ had any future. That its top editor was someone who had been associated with a smutty magazine called Debonair gave me hardly any confidence. Job offers for anyone is a welcome development. But I was happy to let go of this offer without...



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