22 September, 2020

Clean Lines

Clean Lines
The impression stays with you from the moment you land at the Narita airport. The Japanese are an extremely orderly people, obsessed with cleanliness. There isn't a scrap of paper or a spent matchstick thrown carelessly on the lounge floor as hundreds of people, disgorged by ubiquitous Boeings and Airbuses, quickly form queues, almost robot-like, in front of some half a dozen immigration desks. Clearance for foreign visitors is as unfussy as it is for the Japanese. The three-hour journey into town throws further light on the Japanese character. Yes, the traffic is heavy, crawling at times, or not at all—from one end of the 'Rainbow Bridge' to the other it almost took one hour. But at no stage is it chaotic. Not once did we see anyone honk wildly or zigzag through the lanes. Of course, there's no question of our Filipino driver not following the rules, even though in his native Manila, he ruefully tells us, nobody does. We further learn from Romalio that he is one of the two lakh-odd 'documented'...


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