11 May, 2021

Clay-Pot Dictator!

Laloo Yadav's idea of high tea on trains is a recipe for ecological disaster

Clay-Pot Dictator!
As soon as Laloo Prasad Yadav wrested the railway ministership from a reluctant prime minister, the first thing he announced was that kulhars or clay pots would be used for all liquid refreshment on trains. This caught the imagination of the media immediately and became the subject of many appreciative editorials. Unfortunately, instead of understanding the enormity of this new problem, the NDA reacted by saying that George Fernandes had thought of it first and so he should get the credit! There is no credit to be given to anyone. This is an environmentally disastrous decision and its impact will be seen very quickly on the poor as well as the land. Let me explain.

Clay pots are made out of soil from agricultural land. They cannot be made out of sand or desert clay. They cannot be made out of soil from public lands because it is forbidden to use them for private purposes. Therefore, these kulhars will be made with soil from private agricultural land—the same land which is now being raped for brick kilns. No large farmer will sell any land to the clay-pot industry. Only the...

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