23 January, 2021

Civility Or Censoring?

Why is academia being inoculated against thinking, political minds?

Fotocorp (From Outlook 27 Octoberr 2014)
Civility Or Censoring?

Wafting out of America and spreading all over worldwide social media in recent weeks is a curious word, civility—used and abused in an enraged battle between the responsibility of university professors to be circumspect about voicing their political opinions on the one hand, and their ‘academic freedom' on the other. What has emerged from the ongoing debates is not merely instructive about American governmental paranoia about Israel-Palestine politics, neoliberalism, the corporate university and much relevant else, but the uncanny conviction that university spaces all over the world are now afflicted by this malaise of propriety, a belief in a non-partisan, non-political, safe environment that will eschew the possibility of dangerous opinions de-stabilizing young impressionable minds. But is not ‘civility’ civil-speak for censorship? Is the rampant officious silencing of opinions and ideas that critique or interrogate dominant thought and function not the very opposite of what universities are meant to do, which is to encourage free ...



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