08 May, 2021

Civil Code, De Facto

Hindu-Muslim marriages give saffronites in MP an excuse for 'righteous' upheaval

Civil Code, De Facto
Bhopal's Hour Of Marital Crisis
  • The city came close to a riot last fortnight over a Muslim boy marrying a Sindhi-Hindu girl.
  • The Bajrang Dal has formed a Hindu Kanya Suraksha Committee.
  • The Sindhi panchayat wanted their girls to stop using mobiles or riding two-wheelers and to abandon the city's fashion of covering their heads and faces Islamic style.
  • The state CID keeps tabs on all Hindu-Muslim marriages.
  • According to one list distributed by the Bajrang Dal, 341 such marriages have taken place between 1997-2004.
  • Families of Muslim boys who run away with Hindu girls are harassed by the police.
  • The Muslim community has responded to the latest uproar with a dignified silence.


Are Hindu-Muslim marriages made in heaven too? Perhaps, but if you happen to be in Bhopal, capital city of Madhya Pradesh, that saccharine-sweet cliche is swiftly turned sour by a vicious form of saffron vigilantism. Hindutva's...

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